Preliminary program

A preliminary schedule of activities would be:

  • Sunday: registration and welcome to the participants
  • Monday: registration, oral and poster sessions. Evening cocktail party
  • Tuesday: oral and poster sessions
  • Wednesday: group field trip
  • Thursday: oral and poster sessions. Social and awards banquet
  • Friday: oral and poster sessions
  • Saturday: after conference trip (optional, additional cost apply)

Wednesday’s field trip will take place in the Alps, in the Monviso Natural Park area where the ALPSTREAM (Alpine Stream Research Center, Ostana) is located.

Wednesday field trip

On this day two different itineraries will be organised at choice, one more aimed at tourist, cultural and landscape aspects (historic city of Saluzzo and Castello della Manta) and one more outdoor, with a walk around ​​the Po source. There will be no restrictions regarding collecting insects and other invertebrates in the nearby mountain streams, ponds, and wetlands.

Wednesday field trip

We are also planning to organise a series of cultural and recreational events and evening activities for participants and a plan of activities, visits, and excursions for accompanying people. We would like to open a space also dedicated to non-specialists but enthusiasts of mayflies and stoneflies: for example, fly fishermen (Turin hosts the oldest fly-fishing club in Italy).